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Песня про меня

I'm the greatest
Ringo Starr

When I was a little boy
Way back home in Liverpool,
My mama told me . . . I was great

Then when I was a teenager,
I knew that I had got something going,
All my friends told me . . . I was great

And now I'm a man
A woman took me by the hand
And you know what she told me . . . I was great

I was in the greatest show on earth,
For what it was worth,
Now I'm only thirty-two,
And all I wanna do, is boogaloo.


I looked in the mirror,
I saw my wife and kids,
And you know what they told me . . . I was great.

Yes, my name is Billy Shears,
You know it has been for so many years,
Now I'm only thirty-two;
And all I wanna do, is boogaloo.

Hej, hej, hej, yeah,
I'm the greatest, and you better believe it baby.

I'm gonna be the greatest in this world,
In the next world and in any world!
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